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Zackary Drucker

Mother Comes To Venus

January 12 - February 09, 2019

Zackary Drucker, "Mother Comes to Venus," 2018, Digital video, 7 minutes, 54 seconds

Zackary Drucker
Mother Comes to Venus, 2018
Digital video
7:54 min.

Press Release

Zackary Drucker's new short film Mother Comes To Venus was created in collaboration with Emmy and Golden Globe-winning director Jill Soloway (Transparent), and features queer rapper Mykki Blanco and trans actress Alexandra Grey in starring roles. Mother Comes To Venus was produced for Queeroes, a short film series developed by Soloway’s production company TOPPLE and Condé Nast’s new LGBTQ+ platform “them.” Continuing the dialogue in seminal works such as SHE GONE ROGUE (2012) and Southern for Pussy (2015), Mother Comes To Venus (2018) explores trans identity in our present-future everyday life. 

In a post-gender Hollywood she helped to create, powerhouse agent Venus Allen is besieged by unexpected events and demanding visitors. Blinded by success and in danger of losing her soul, Venus gets help from an unlikely source, her delightfully spiritual "mother."  Mother Comes to Venus is a glossy send up of Hollywood biz with a very real and humorous point of view.

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