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Miyoshi Barosh


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open studio blog

Large Legs, <span>installation view, Craft Center of America, Los Angeles</span>

Large Legs, installation view, Craft Center of America, Los Angeles, 2014

Polyester, cotton, wool knit fabric and found sweater knits with poly filling

approximately 94 x 29 x 90


I am a conceptual artist that works in diverse media with an interest in the socio-political underpinnings of American culture. My work is centered on ideas concerned with cultural and individual "Failure" (the failure to make life better), Utopia, and Ruins. Materials such as fabric, glass, steel, Plexiglas, foam, fiberglass, paint, and found objects together with fabrics and yarn are used with both comic irony and heartfelt sincerity pointing to both material and emotional excess. The uses of vernacular craft processes and folk traditions in combination with digital technologies contradict ideas about progress and technological determinism. While socio-economic questions are raised around ideas about authenticity, labor, and value in the use of craftwork, "value" is also seen as a projection of ourselves onto things, like cute animals on the Internet, mythic American landscapes, and the built environment.

My work has increasingly pointed to the current political and societal shift in responsibility to create and sustain meaningful lives from society to the individual. The work points to how this cultural failure along with the speed of new technologies and the borderless world of social media becomes internalized within the individual who in turns experiences "adjustment disorders": depression, anxiety, burn-out. In turn, we turn to self-help literature, mindfulness, various therapies, prescription and non-prescription pharmacology. With material, process, and text, I hope to make work that is a manifestation of competing and ever-escalating emotions around cultural and social psychopathologies through a handmade carnivalesque, a mischievous confrontation between internal and external realities.

Miyoshi Barosh received her MFA from California Institute of the Arts and BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. She also attended Yale Summer School of Art and Music ((1980) and Parsons School of Design Summer School in New York City. Barosh was artist-in-residence at Pilchuk in 2014, and at The New Children's Museum, San Diego, in 2009. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including "When the Sun Hits", The Pit, Los Angeles; "COLA Individual Artist Fellowship Exhibition", Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery; "Feel Better", Luis De Jesus Los Angeles; "Cheerful and Heroic: Eight Perspectives on the Art of Failure", Southwestern College Art Gallery, Chula Vista, CA; "The Loop Show", Beacon Arts Building, Los Angeles; and "We're Not Here to Waste Time!" at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles.


Born Los Angeles, CA
Lives and works in Pasadena, CA

MFA, California Institute of the Arts
BFA, Rhode Island School of Design
Yale Summer School of Art and Music (scholarship program)
Parsons School of Design Summer School (scholarship program)

UNTITLED Miami, presented by Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, Miami, FL
"When the Sun Hits", The Pit, Los Angeles, CA
COLA Individual Artist Fellowship Exhibition, Los Angeles Municipal Gallery at Barnsdall Park,
Los Angeles
"Feel Better", solo exhibition, Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, CA
"Woman, War, and Industry", curated by Amy Galpin, San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, CA