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November 03, 2015

review: CHRIS BARNARD at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

Contrary to certain art historical narratives, painting has never waned, but only been ever more rigorously interrogated—usually by the artists engaged with the medium. Chris Barnard is one of those artists mining and turning over the modernist tropes of figural representation, abstraction, message and picture-making, as if to question the very forces driving them.

November 01, 2015


The emerging L.A. art scene shown for the first time in France at PIASA, November 4-9, 2015

“Once I’d thought of the title, Bloody Red Sun of Fantastic L.A., nothing could seem
more fitting. The sheer wealth of images that these words evoke portrays with surgical
precision the pathos of this mythical city, where glamour meets vulgarity and highbrow
culture, the mainstream. Only in L.A. could kitsch rub shoulders with the sublime and
seduction with repulsion: this city truly is a world of contrasts.   more

The struggles, clashes, hopes, ambitions and despair of millions of immigrants are an integral part of the city’s DNA. The city is built from their blood and tears as they fought and won their place in this multi-cultural Eldorado, facing lies and duplicity with courage, commitment, intelligence and solidarity, to finally be able to live together, whatever their colour or origin: Mexican, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Iranian… In this great melting pot, the religious – Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, Buddhists and Muslims – live alongside agnostics and atheists on these lands of the American Far West. [ READ MORE ]

October 30, 2015

Studio Visit: Hugo Crosthwaite and a Giant Dashboard Jesus, channeling Tijuana's just-do-it spirit

Tijuana is known as a paean to improvisation. A man makes a house in the shape of a woman. Curio vendors transform the narrow aisle of tarmac between waiting cars at the international border into a thriving commercial venue. And, on the coast, just beyond the southern edge of Rosarito, a 75-foot sculpture of Christ rises from the hillside, its arms extended before the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.   more

The Sacred Heart of Christ was built over at least half a dozen years (the reports conflict on how many) by a man named Antonio Pequeño, in honor of his mother, who is buried at the site. Completed in 2006, it is neither an official government monument, nor was it commissioned by the Catholic Church. Instead, the towering Jesus was simply an act of faith — built piece-by-piece, without permission, just above a high-end housing development. [ READ MORE ]

October 30, 2015


by Layne Weiss | The "Bring Your Own Body" exhibit at the Cooper Union in New York City features works of transgender artists and archives from the renowned Kinsey Institute illustrating the experience of the transgender community in America through official history as well as modern-day artistic expression.   more

The event, which opened October 13th, and is slated to run through November 14th, is curated by Jeanne Vaccaro, a postdoctoral fellow in gender studies at Indiana University and a scholar at the Kinsey Institute, and Stamatina Gregory, Associate Dean of the School of Art at Cooper Union.  [ READ MORE ]

October 28, 2015

Zackary drucker featured: NewFest Examines the LGBT Film Experience on All Sides of the Camera

Typically, film festivals are for, well, seeing films. But at NewFest, a six-day affair that bills itself as “New York’s LGBT Festival,” attendees this year were offered (in addition to a rich slate of new movies) the chance to hear from queer folks working inside the industry.   more

Two events in particular—a Q&A with gay filmmaker Ira Sachs and a panel on working as openly transgender in Hollywood—that took place on Monday offered an insightful (if not always encouraging) look at what it means to make queer film, or just try to work in film as a queer person, in 2015. [ READ MORE ]

October 20, 2015

Gallery Pick of the Week:The Translucent Depth of Alexi Worth's Paintings at Luis De Jesus Gallery in Culver City

Brooklyn-based artist Alexi Worth's new show at Luis De Jesus Gallery in Culver City, "New Paintings," opens this Saturday, October 24, and the opening reception with the artist runs from 6 to 8 pm.   more

The opening is, as always, free and open to the public.

Here's what the Luis De Jesus Gallery has to say about Worth's work:

"Using nylon mesh as a surface, Worth employs a peculiar hybrid of mechanical and freehand effects by brushing and spraying acrylic paint over hand-cut stencils....The result is a semi-transparent, yet additive photogram effect of shadowy contours....Shapes are simplified into their most essential forms, closely cropped, and further layered, lending an optical illusion of depth. At the same time, Worth's surface is unusual. Flat and anti-painterly, the mesh surface is nevertheless subtly discontinuous. In each image, brightly sealed areas alternate with dimmer, open-mesh halftone passages where the gallery wall is visible....As a meta-narrative of the subject, Worth explores the gestures of reaching and grasping, or of things to be grasped."

Luis De Jesus Los Angeles is located at 2685 S. La Cienega Blvd.

October 19, 2015

zackary drucker featured: "Trans Actors and Hollywood Insiders Discuss the Complicated Reality of Trans Casting"

Should trans roles always go to trans actors? And are trans actors still being pigeonholed as damaged characters? A conversation.

When Jeffrey Tambor, star of Amazon's Transparent, accepted an Emmy for his role as Maura in the critically acclaimed series, he thanked Rhys Ernst and Zackary Drucker, the show's transgender script consultants and co-producers.   more

Although Transparent had received some flack early on for Tambor's casting (He's a cisgender man — why not give the role to a trans woman?), it has since been praised as a shining example of how a series featuring trans characters should operate — namely, with trans people working at all levels of the show to ensure that it's realistic rather than stereotypical.  [ READ MORE ]

October 16, 2015

zackary drucker featured: "Film: On The Heels of Inclusiveness"

Co-director of Transparent speaks at Southern Comfort Conference

By now, most are more than familiar with the show “Transparent.” And if you’re not, you should be. Created by Jill Soloway for Amazon, actor Jeffrey Tambor has won a Golden Globe for his work in the lead role.   more

The comedy-drama follows Tambor's character and the lives of his three grown children as he transitions from Mort to Maura.

Speaking at the Southern Comfort Conference after attendees viewed the first two episodes, co-director of Transparent Zackary Drucker shared with conference members just how involved the production team was in being as inclusive as possible. [ READ MORE ]

October 13, 2015

zackary drucker featured: "Transgender Artists Take Control at 'Bring Your Own Body' Exhibition"

A strong series of programs accompanies Bring Your Own Body: Transgender Between Archives and Aesthetics, a new exhibition opening today at the 41 Cooper Gallery in New York. Representations of the transgender experience are communicated across media, with an emphasis on performance and sculpture, or "having the bodies occupy space," co-curator Stamatina Gregory told artnet News in a phone interview.

During the show, which runs until November 14, a number of performers will be occupying the space at various intervals.   more

For instance, artist niv Acosta will tape a live talk show for his performance DISCOTROPIC | Alien Talk Show on October 22, and queer icon Flawless Sabrina will be in conversation with artist Zackary Drucker and writer Diana Tourjee on October 24. There are also readings, film screenings, and a pop-up salon featuring trans-focused printed matter. [ READ MORE ]

October 02, 2015

federico solmi at postmasters

In his latest output, Federico Solmi scans hand-painted imagery and applies it to digital three-dimensional models of world leaders. He then imports each into a video-game platform and records their movements as if they were on a movie set. Titled “The Brotherhood” 2015, this series includes “video-paintings” of mostly infamous leaders with works that indict the viewer and society as much as the leaders themselves, as they flamboyantly posture like shallow celebrities.   more

For example, The Invader (Christopher Columbus – Italy) (all works 2015), in which the titular figure struts, laughs, and salutes in front of an abstract landscape of shifting colors, resembles a Hollywood screen test [ READ MORE ]